A redeemed recovering life

We locked away the memories
behind walls in our hearts.

too painful
too shameful

dreadfull things.

We heard the voice
of Jesus
who endured suffering

His healing words

He knocked
I opened the door

He knocked
I opened  another door

He knocked
I opened another door

When He comes knocking
will you tear down the walls
and invite Him in
to cleanse
to restore
to set free

for His peace to rule our hearts.

to proclaim liberty to the captives
and release to the prisoners

Recovery is possable

It has been said that  csa is not about sex, though it is an unwanted sexual act
inflicted on an innocent pre puberty child before
his mind is ably to neurologically process what happened
( eg under 10 years of age  as young as two)
before his body is able to physiologically understand
 or withstand the pain.

The chains of csa include:

  • The memories of shame and pain
  • any physical restraint ( my leg was tied to the end of the bed)
  • being held down, sat on or the weight of the abusers body.
  • "no" not respected
  • the negative and controlling words spoken
  • lies and threats spoken
  • those who said to say nothing


Stand fast in the liberty
wherewith Christ has set us free

and do not get entangled
again in the yoke of bondage